Stories of truth

Making the Bible easily accessible to all, by presenting its stories in every language.


Which do you prefer?

Stories of truth

Uses official Bible translations

  • Nothing edited, added, or removed

Stories of truth — Hear

Rewords passages for oral-learners

  • Nothing added, though minor details may be removed
  • Uses official Bible translations if oral version still in progress

Key features

Just Bible

At its core, Stories of truth is simply a collection of key Bible passages. The advantage is that the passages are presented in ways to make them as easy to understand as possible.

All learning styles

Each story includes an image, text and audio, so users can choose the format they prefer. "Stories of truth — Hear" further targets oral-learners by rewording passages into colloquial language (commonly known as story crafting).

Targets culture

Stories are organised into overviews and topics, and the choices for which stories to include are different per language/culture. The Bible has no official list of most important stories, and some are more relevant to one culture than another.

Helpful additions

Each story includes an introduction to help clarify its context and any unusual words, and the main points of each story are highlighted to guide users. However, all additions are optional, so simply turn them off if you prefer.

Offline on all devices

The app works both as a website and an app on all modern devices. It also automatically works offline. Users don't even need to install it, as it needs no permissions and can be added straight to phone home screens.

Translation * 2

The app can have two languages at the same time, one for navigating and one for the stories. So, for example, a French-speaker could be showing stories to a Russian-speaker and vice-versa. Making cross-language sharing much easier.