Stories of truth

Making the Bible easily accessible to all, by presenting its stories in every language.


This project is a non-profit Protestant (Evangelical) initiative that relies on the contributions of volunteers, so please help if you are able. This project is never 'done', as we want to continually be improving it. So if you notice a mistranslation, software bug, or have any other type of feedback then we'd love to hear from you!

Adding languages

Adding new languages to this app involves the following steps:

Contacting us

Please contact us via email (), and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Before contributing

Please read through our quality standards, and contact us, before starting work on a large contribution, as:

  1. We only accept contributions that match our quality standards
  2. Someone may already be working on the same contribution as you

Note: Any contributions submitted to us should be licensed as below, to prevent restrictions due to copyright, unless you are not the copyright owner.

Feel free to distribute

This project's own media is released as public domain (CC0) and its software is open-sourced (MIT).

We do this to make it as easy as possible for anyone to take and use this project, for the sake of the Gospel. This means you can download and distribute the stories without needing to worry about copyright.

However, this project includes a lot of third-party material as well, which is released under different terms, so you should check the licensing per story before distributing.

Note: This project's logo, name, and documentation is not public domain and fully copyrighted.